member country projects

Create alone with us

The theme :

"Coronavirus around us"

Czech National Union of FISAIC announced an interesting competition for the members of the group of photography, fine arts and film. The event took place in November in digital form, including evaluation, without the presence of the authors. Members of the creative handicraft group, who competed for the best Christmas decorations, were also involved in the virtual competition. This event called "Create alone with us" inspired our members to be creative in this difficult time. The theme was the same for everyone: "Coronavirus around us". The photographers sent a photograph on the topic, the artists sent a photo of painting (free technique), the filmmakers made a short film and the members of the group of creative handicrafts sent many beautiful Christmas decorations. Due to Advent time, these Christmas decorations were hung on a Christmas tree at the most important railway station in Prague. There, crowds of passengers look at it with great interest every day. The event took place under the direct patronage of the General Director of Czech Railways.



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